Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

Genesis Placement Services provides RECRUITMENT PROCESS OUTSOURCING (RPO) Services.  As a Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) provider we enable our clients to outsource all or part of their recruitment process to a reliable recruitment partner. As a RPO partner, we take responsibility for the management of the entire recruiting process from job profiling through to the on-boarding of the new hire. As a specialized RPO provider, Genesis Placement Services handles: Job Description Development, Job Advertising, Job Posting, Sourcing, Response Handling, Screening, Assessments, Interview Scheduling and Logistics, Offer Execution, System Compliance and On-boarding of new staff members.

Benefits of the RPO MODEL

  • By outsourcing recruitment, internal HR staff members can focus on other initiatives
  • Outsourcing non-core functions converts fixed costs into variable and transactional costs
  • Improved quality and speed of delivery
  • Satisfaction of anticipated or unanticipated high volume staffing needs
  • Consistent tracking and compliance; and Development and enhancing of employer brand.
  • Single point of contract
  • Exclusive Back–end team
  • A Cost–effective Recruitment Solution