Leadership Programs & Soft Skills

Why Soft Skills?

Every youngster at the entry level would face a highly competitive Corporate World, where for each advertised vacancy/post (if at all), hundreds and thousands of equally talented candidates would apply. In such circumstances, qualifications and knowledge (hard skills) of a particular field will not ensure that one actually makes it to a dream career. To make a mark, the candidate needs to package himself/herself so that he is able to market his knowledge and talent correctly to the person sitting across the table. These are called “Soft Skills”
We offer following skills and competencies:
A. Effective Communication skills.
B. Business Etiquette and Corporate Dressing
C. Executive skills
D. Corporate skills
E. A groomed personality.

Why Leadership Programs?

We specialize in transformation that focuses on individual internal change to bring about external organizational impact. Often organisations tend to focus on changing things in individuals and teams at a surface level but overlook the power of the ‘mind’!
The ‘mind’ is where most battles are fought, where decisions are made and where inspiration is birthed. Change and growth in organisations and individuals is only lasting when it come from ‘inside-out’ rather than ‘outside-in’.

Looking for a career with Genesis?

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